Roundtable debate: MEP welcomes dialogue on new legislation


TOPRA organised a roundtable discussion where regulatory affairs professionals had the opportunity to meet Marina Yannakoudakis, MEP. The event took place on 10 January 2013 at the Royal Society.

Marina is an MEP for the London region in the UK and sits on the ENVI committee, the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety committee within the European Parliament.

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MHRA publishes medicines reclassification guidance

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Industry raises some concerns over PRACticalities of pharmacovigilance hearings

The infrastructure for holding public hearings under the EU pharmacovigilance legislation’s Urgent Union Procedure is not yet in place, but industry is nonetheless concerned about how this will work in practice. At TOPRA’s Annual European Medicines Agency Review of the Year and Outlook for 2013, companies pressed EMA officials for more information on the procedure during an update on PRAC (Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee) activities.

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