Membership renewals

Over the next few weeks, members will receive a reminder to renew their membership for the coming year.

There are lots of reasons to be part of the TOPRA community.

  • Perhaps the most important is that it signals to colleagues and employers your strong commitment to the regulatory profession and to being the best you can be as a practitioner.
  • It means you are part of a diverse global community of regulatory professionals with defined values and standards of good practice
  • It offers you opportunities to be part of professional advocacy and to influence developments in regulatory affairs. The more members TOPRA has, the more TOPRA can represent your interests in the wider healthcare arena.
  • It can enhance your career opportunities and enhance your personal profile through networking with peers in the profession
  • It gives access to expertise and practical advice through the various TOPRA networks – virtual or face-to-face
  • TOPRA membership drives your career development through life-long learning, structured training and education opportunities, drawing particularly on TOPRA’s unique expertise in European regulatory matters.
  • It supplies you with tools offering the latest information, analysed and interpreted in a way that is relevant to your work

Thank you for responding to the renewal invitation promptly and positively – we are pleased to have you as a member of the TOPRA community of regulatory professionals.

Renew online now

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