New look for TOPRA

Over the past year or so, the TOPRA Board has been reviewing the organisation’s strategic goals and our communications plan for the next 10 years and in an increasingly online environment.

TOPRA is a membership organisation, and it is vital that we communicate effectively with our members, and with other audiences. This is not just about using consistent language and tone; it is also about a clear, consistent and accessible visual identity. A simple glance at our communications should be enough to indicate to the reader that it comes from us.

The key change that you will note are the refreshed corporate logo, which retains the elements of our logo for the first 10 years, but moves us on as we enter our second decade as a modern, professional and dynamic organisation.

We have also streamlined the branding of all our other activities so that it is even clearer and aligns with the ‘progression pathways’ we have identified for TOPRA members.

Keep a look out for our rebranded materials as they are rolled out over the next few months. If you have any comments or suggestions please let us know, contact

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