Why earlier access requires earlier dialogue

TOPRA’s latest informal roundtable discussion – Parallel Scientific Advice with MHRA and NICE: what are the advantages and how does it work best? – took place on 24 September at the Royal Society in London. The discussion on parallel scientific advice, chaired by Dr Nick Sykes (Pfizer), attracted 25 senior TOPRA members and external guests who debated the workings and effectiveness of MHRA and NICE advice procedures available to companies developing new medicines.

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Steve Wratten – Director of Corporate Services

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Steve Wratten, Director of Corporate Services for TOPRA.

Steve worked for us for over seven years and we valued his experience, clear thinking, direct style and utter commitment to the organisation.

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TOPRA in partnership

Part of the Board’s strategic plan is for TOPRA to engage in partnerships with other organisations, where this will be of value to our members and the wider regulatory community. We have worked together with national agencies, the EMA, the EU Commission, trade associations, and other professional bodies.

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Earlier access to medicines

On Tuesday 25 March the Empower: Access to Medicine campaign were joined by UK Health Minister Earl Howe, patients, families, campaigners and biotechs for a hugely successful lobby of the UK Parliament.

More than a hundred people, including TOPRA Executive Director Lynda Wight and President Jonathan Trethowan, attended the Strangers Dining Room to explore the barriers and opportunities to earlier access to medicines. Patient organisations believe that their voice and engagement would make major, positive changes to priorities at several stages in the medical innovation process.

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Healthcare regulatory professionals recognised

TOPRA is delighted that two leading regulatory scientists have been recognised by the Science Council. Former TOPRA president, David Jefferys (pictured), and leading UK regulator Professor Sir Mike Rawlins are listed among the 100 top UK scientists by the Science Council under the Monitor/Regulator category.

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