Regulatory Rapporteur February 2009

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Front Cover
Volume 6 Issue 2

In This Issue

  • The role of the EudraVigilance database
  • Veterinary vigilance: continuing safety assessments
  • A guide to establishing medical device vigilance systems in the EU
  • Interview with Dr June Raine, head of the MHRA’s Vigilance Risk Management of Medicines division
  • The genesis of the Purple Guide

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Regulatory Rapporteur February 2009MembersFull Issue2MBPDF
The complexity of pharmacovigilancePublic51KBPDF
A spirit of progress - Interview with Dr June Raine, Director of Vigilance Risk Management of Medicines, MHRAMembers94KBPDF
At the forefront of pharmacovigilanceMembers47KBPDF
EudraVigilance - the common EU database to support pharmacovigilance activitiesMembers262KBPDF
Medical device vigilance in EuropeMembers90KBPDF
The genesis of the Purple GuideMembers54KBPDF
Veterinary pharmacovigilance in the European UnionMembers60KBPDF