Regulatory Rapporteur January 2009

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Front Cover
Volume 6 Issue 1

In This Issue

  • Regulating biotech’s moving frontier
  • Radio-labelled drugs: a science-driven approach to IMPDs
  • Inside the Greek regulatory agency

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Regulatory Rapporteur January 2009MembersFull Issue2MBPDF
Introduction to biotech drugsPublic69KBPDF
Biotechnology – Regulating a moving frontierMembers248KBPDF
Biotechnology: Process validation and controlMembers97KBPDF
Editorial - Biotechnology: Moving medicine into the 21st centuryMembers51KBPDF
International Focus AustraliaMembers53KBPDF
Interview: The Hellenic healthcare guardian – Inside the Greek regulatory agencyMembers66KBPDF
Investigational Medicinal Product DossierMembers303KBPDF
The Exchange: Co-ordinated by Cambridge Regulatory Services Limited (CambReg)Members83KBPDF