Regulatory Rapporteur January 2012

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Front Cover
Volume 9 Issue 1

In This Issue

  • Editorial: 2012 - a 'recast' in more ways than one
  • Focus: Medical devices and technology
  • Nonclinical aspects of biosimilar development
  • Requirements governing medicines promotion in the EU

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Regulatory Rapporteur January 2012 MembersFull Issue3MBPDF
2012 - a recast in more ways than oneMembers468KBPDF
Maple Leaf news: Update from CanadaMembers479KBPDF
Medical devices and technologyMembers759KBPDF
Nonclinical aspects of biosimilar developmentMembers609KBPDF
Patient and prescriber communicationMembers545KBPDF
Requirements governing medicines promotions in the EUMembers503KBPDF
The medical devices exchangeMembers478KBPDF