Regulatory Rapporteur July Aug 2010

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Front Cover
Volume 7 Issue 7

In This Issue

  • Charting adverse events in Austria
  • The importance of safety data in PILs
  • PLUS:
  • Interview: Dr Hartmut Krafft, Co-Chair of the CTFG
  • Update on traditional herbal medicines legislation
  • Should GI control techniques be reappraised?

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Regulatory Rapporteur July Aug 2010MembersFull Issue3MBPDF
EU regulatory update: March–May 2010Public488KBPDF
Controlling genotoxic impurities – should the techniques be revisited?Members497KBPDF
First, do no harmMembers474KBPDF
One voice for clinical trials in EuropeMembers547KBPDF
Overview and update on EU directive 2004/24/EC: Traditional herbal medicinesMembers649KBPDF
Pharmacovigilance in Austria 2006–2010: A brief account of an evolutionary processMembers653KBPDF
The link between PIL user testing and pharmacovigilanceMembers605KBPDF
The Medical Devices ExchangeMembers468KBPDF