Regulatory Rapporteur June 2017

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Volume 14 Issue 6

In This Issue

  • FOCUS - Advanced therapies
  • PLUS
  • The use of autogenous vaccines in the veterinary sector
  • Concerns for drug-device borderline classifications

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Regulatory Rapporteur June 2017MembersFull Issue3MBPDF
Editorial - ATMPs: Advancing the causePublic36KBPDF
Global regulatory challenges during early stage development of gene therapy medicinal productsPublic118KBPDF
Advanced therapy medicinal products: an innovative and collaborative approachMembers76KBPDF
Autogenous vaccines in Europe – national approaches to authorisationMembers215KBPDF
Challenges of registering an autologous cell-based gene therapy productMembers78KBPDF
Interview - A philosophy built for the futureMembers72KBPDF
Meeting report: Challenges for genetically modified cell-based cancer immunotherapy productsMembers65KBPDF
The drug-device borderline – continuing trials for industryMembers52KBPDF