Regulatory Rapporteur June 2018

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Volume 15 Issue 6

In This Issue

  • FOCUS - Real world data/real world evidence
  • PLUS
  • Drugs for neglected diseases – a collaborative initiative
  • Meeting report: Innovative medicines and early access

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Regulatory Rapporteur June 2018MembersFull Issue1MBPDF
Basics of real world data and real world evidencePublic60KBPDF
Editorial: New methods to glean evidence in drug development and usePublic38KBPDF
Article 117 of the Medical Device Regulation – An urgent need for further guidance: Part 2 Members117KBPDF
Bringing new treatments to people suffering from neglected diseases – the DNDi initiativeMembers68KBPDF
Hybrid studies and other approaches to generate real world evidenceMembers56KBPDF
Meeting Report: EU SME Info DayMembers59KBPDF
Meeting report: US FDA/CMS Summit Members84KBPDF
The use of big data and its relevance for regulatory scienceMembers65KBPDF