Regulatory Rapporteur March 2006

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Front Cover
Volume 3 Issue 3

In This Issue

  • Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products
  • Homeopathic Medicines
  • Increase your word power - biotechnology definitions
  • Re-use of single devices
  • 10 years of EMEA CNS medicines - a new dual action antidepressant

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Regulatory Rapporteur March 2006MembersFull Issue4MBPDF
Insights into the new proposed EU Regulation on Advanced Therapy Medicinal ProductsPublic176KBPDF
10 years of EMEA CNS medicines Part 4: Cymbalta/Xeristar (Duloxetine) a new dual action antidepressantMembers267KBPDF
Biotechnology definitions I to QMembers241KBPDF
EU Regulatory Intelligence: Updates January– February 2006Members123KBPDF
Good Pharmacovigilance Practices French decree (arrêté) of April 28, 2005 Responsibilities of pharmaceutical firmsMembers200KBPDF
Homeopathic regulation – the new way forward in EuropeMembers159KBPDF
New EU Regulation on Advanced TherapyMembers97KBPDF
New pricing system for pharmaceutical productsMembers160KBPDF
Re-use of single use devices: A threat to patient safetyMembers372KBPDF
The Exchange: Co-ordinated by Origin Pharmaceutical Services LimitedMembers384KBPDF