Regulatory Rapporteur November 2018

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Front Cover
Volume 15 Issue 11

In This Issue

  • FOCUS - North America
  • PLUS
  • Regulation of veterinary homeopathy products
  • A five-year review of MAH compliance in the EU
  • Devices standards update

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Regulatory Rapporteur November 2018MembersFull Issue5MBPDF
New dynamics in North AmericaPublic35KBPDF
Patient-focused drug development: Increasing activity in the US and the EUPublic371KBPDF
Health Canada’s transformation into the futureMembers77KBPDF
MAH compliance with post-authorisation obligations in the EU: a five-year reviewMembers76KBPDF
Maple Leaf News – Update from CanadaMembers151KBPDF
Medical Device Standards UpdateMembers55KBPDF
Veterinary homeopathy regulation in the UK – a cause for concernMembers81KBPDF