Steve Wratten – Director of Corporate Services

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Steve Wratten, Director of Corporate Services for TOPRA.

Steve worked for us for over seven years and we valued his experience, clear thinking, direct style and utter commitment to the organisation.

In response to the announcement, TOPRA colleagues and friends said ‘Steve was a true servant to TOPRA, always the consummate professional and a good listener. Despite his suffering he remained dedicated to the organisation yet never lost his sense of humour’.

Those who came into contact with him from outside said ‘Steve was unfailingly generous with his time and his hospitality, an excellent listener, great fun to work with and the possessor of a razor sharp mind’.

We can only admire his courage and cheerfulness during a long and difficult illness and wish that it had resulted in a more positive outcome. We think particularly of his wife Deborah at this difficult time.

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