TOPRA in partnership

Part of the Board’s strategic plan is for TOPRA to engage in partnerships with other organisations, where this will be of value to our members and the wider regulatory community. We have worked together with national agencies, the EMA, the EU Commission, trade associations, and other professional bodies.

One collaboration that will be of particular interest to members is the joint conference we are holding with DIA in Brussels on the 18th September. The subject of the conference is the Escher Project. This is a project undertaken with the support of EFPIA, AESGP and academic and research institutions, looking at the future of medicines regulation.

There is increasing concern that, apart from all the benefits of drug regulation, the balance may have shifted towards over-regulation with apparent threats to drug innovation in general. The Escher Project has two aims:

  • to identify areas for potential improvement within the EU regulatory system that will positively affect innovative research and development especially for products that address medical need/priority medicines,
  • and to generate evidence on the underlying problems with the regulatory system to help inform the agenda for policymaking at the European and national level.

The Project is due to report in the autumn and the TOPRA/DIA event will be an opportunity for those who are not familiar with it to hear about the outputs almost as soon as they are published, and to debate what the next steps might be in a series of workshop settings. This meeting will be of great value to regulatory professionals working in EFPIA/AESGP members but also to those in other companies and consultancies who may not otherwise have an opportunity to take part in the discussion. The venue, the Pullman Hotel is right next to Brussels Mid station so very convenient for those who can travel by train.

Speakers from companies, the EMA and the Commission have been invited so look out for the brochure and make sure you can attend!

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